Kids and Teens

Teen classes run Sunday at 10am

CrossFit Llanelli Kids and Teens


Our goal is to give the children of Llanelli a love for fitness in safe surroundings . The programme instils good movement and mechanics in an inclusive environment. Setting children up for a healthy life is crucial, teaching them the value and importance of physical activity and an active lifestyle. 

Our kids and teens classes are comprehensive and enjoyable. Children learn through play, games and fun. During our sessions the little ninjas can be expected to run, jump, hop, skip and roll combined with using little kettlebells, dumbbells and medicine balls to name a few. Our children exercise through fun games and play where our goal is to teach them the basic fundamental functional movements in a safe environment.

CF teens classes will then develop these basic skills, improve movement mechanics and maintain consistency before adding some intensity to ensure this is the best hour of their day.

Throughout all sessions, our Crossfit kids and teens’ needs and desires can be met in a happy, inclusive and challenging way without them feeling intimidated

Kids classes run Saturday at 8:45 and 9:20am