Coaches and Owners


Coach and Owner - CF-L1, CF-L2

I've been doing Crossfit for almost 7 years. I had been working as a manager in a globo gym, but never really believed the in the product and couldn't adhere to the concept. I also noticed so many members come for a short while and leave. After only finding boredom in the globo gym environment I went on the search for something new and came across a Crossfit competition "Divided we fall" and saw the likes of Sam Briggs competing.


I went searching for my local affiliate and came across Crossfit Port Talbot. After a year or so I completed my level 1 and started coaching and have been doing so for coming up to 5 years.

I've loved Crossfit since the get go and haven't looked back, I've seen many more people stick with it and seen it change lives. Myself and the wife (Rhiannon- below) became owners early in 2019, and hope to bring something new to the gym. I've recently completed my level 2 and want to do the level 3 soon!

Favourite workout - Fran

Least favourite workout - Anything longer than 10 mins

Favourite movement - Ring muscle ups

Cheat meal - Beer and cookies


Coach and Owner - CF-L1

Shw’mae! I’ve been doing crossfit at Crossfit Llanelli for 4 years. I’m originally from Llanelli ac wrth gwrs, dwi’n siarad Cymraeg!
In 2019 my husband and I became co-owners of the gym and we now coach most of the evening classes. 
Fave movements - toes to bar / dumbbell snatch, heavy clean and jerks!
Least fave movement - scary ring muscle ups (but I’m in the process of making them a strength rather than a weakness!)
Cheat food - burgers burgers burgers! I eat anything and everything.
In my spare time (!) I’m a dentist in a busy practice in Llanelli town centre. I live with my husband Andy and our crazy labrador Indi (Indiana Jones).


Coach and Owner - CF-L1, CF-L2, Crossfit Kids, BWLA L1, L3 personal Trainer, Level 4 Strength and Conditioning, Sports and Exercise Science Degree (2:1 BSC(HONS)), Adapting excercies for natal and post natal clients Level 3

Hey I’m Emma. By day I am a Full Time PE teacher and a Mam to my two beautiful girls, Elle & Brooke. I opened the doors of CFL in 2015 after hanging up my hockey stick after a long career representing Wales. I have a BSc (Hons) Degree in Sports and Exercise Science so have a passion for fitness and well-being. I take charge of our CrossFit Kids sessions on a Saturday, Team Wars and the evening classes on a Monday. I tend to train when I can - usually during my lunch hour at school or before/after I have coached my classes. I have been fortunate to qualify for regionals in 2012 but due to a tear in my bicep had to withdraw. My competitive goal is to eventually step back onto the dance floor again post shoulder op #2 to fix the ole shoulder. 

My goal for CrossFit Llanelli is to have the best facility in South West Wales that is community driven - making people move better and live longer :).

Favourite Movement - Burpees
Worst Movement - Muscle Ups
Favourite WoD - Fran
Worst WoD - Linda 
Favourite Food - Eggs
Worst Food - Kiwi ( I have an allergy to the furry balls of death)
Favourite Cheat Meal - Chinese and a Blue Moon


Coach - CF-L1, BWLA L1, BWLA L2, Crossfit Weightlifting, BWL Technical Official level 1 and 2

Hey I’m Matthew. By day I am a Full Time mathematics  teacher. I began CrossFit Llanelli in 2015 whilst doing my PGCE. I have a BSc (Hons) Degree in Mathematics and Its Applications so have a passion for physics and mathematics. I take charge of Llanelli Weightlifting where we have had a number of national and international representatives. We also recieved an award off Welsh Weightlifting for the development of weightlifting in our area. 


Other than the gym I am a S&C coach for the Scarlets Region Age Grade where I work with some of the best rugby players in our country.


My goal for Llanelli Weightlifting Club is to increase the number of participants and continue to have athletes compete nationally and internationally. I would be ecstatic to see some of our younger athletes to be selected for national teams.


Coach and PT - CF-L1, Personal Training L3, Fitness Instructor L@, BWL-L2, Concept 2 rowing coach, currently studying the Precision Nutrition post graduate course

I’m Catherine. My background is as an academic psychologist, but after getting so much from CrossFit I decided to leave that profession to help people with their health and fitness full time. 

I’m a personal trainer and coach, but I don’t have a sports background. In fact, I came to the gym to try to lose some weight (okay, a lot of weight) and live a better quality of life outside the gym! 

I understand that it can be a stressful and scary process for some and I work closely with folks who want to develop confidence and an exercise routine that they love. 

Favourite lift: I like pretty much anything with a barbell.
Worst movement: anything gymnastic.


Coach and PT - Personal Training L3

Hello, I’m 23 years old and I’ve been doing CrossFit for 2 years now. I have no real sporting background and joined very much overweight and unfit with a view to change this. Unlike other gyms in the past, CrossFit brought out a competitive nature in me and allowed me discover a passion for health and fitness I never knew I had. After just one week I realised I hadn’t joined a gym, I had actually joined a great community of people who all share this same passion.

In April 2018 I passed my Level 3 Personal Training course and I absolutely love being able to help others achieve their own personal fitness goals. I firmly believe if I can do it, then anyone can.

In my free time I like to play football and spend time with my blue staff – Thor. I also spend time running a sports based podcast with a close friend.

Favourite WOD: Grace

Least favourite WOD: Nancy

Favourite movements: Assault bike, Toes to bar & Power cleans

Least favourite movement: Pistol squats (only one leg seems to know how to do it)

Cheat meal: Chinese, every time!


Coach and PT- Foundation Degree in Sports Conditioning, Rehabilitation & Massage, 

UKSCA weightlifting for Sports Performance 

World Rugby Strength & Conditioning level 1

British Weightlifting Level 1

British Athletics Sprinting level 1

Currently Studying BSc (hons) Sports Coaching & Performance 

I’m Jac I’m 23 years young, a Weightlifter, Powerlifter and basically anything that involves picking up heavy weight. 


I have a background in Strength & Conditioning in performance sports and am currently coaching at Carmarthen RFC and Wales Deaf Rugby. 


I operate as 1859 Strength & Performance and am proud to be based at CFL. 

I grew up playing rugby league and have been involved in many sports including gymnastics, swimming, hockey and track & field. 


Favourite lift: Back Squat

Worst movement: running 

Favourite workout: Farmer Carry Ladder

Favourite food: Prawn Stir Fry or scrambled eggs.