Coaches and Owners


Coach and Owner - CF-L1, CF-L2

I've been doing Crossfit for almost 7 years. I had been working as a manager in a globo gym, but never really believed the in the product and couldn't adhere to the concept. I also noticed so many members come for a short while and leave. After only finding boredom in the globo gym environment I went on the search for something new and came across a Crossfit competition "Divided we fall" and saw the likes of Sam Briggs competing.


I went searching for my local affiliate and came across Crossfit Port Talbot. After a year or so I completed my level 1 and started coaching and have been doing so for about 6 years.

I've loved Crossfit since the get go and haven't looked back, I've seen many more people stick with it and seen it change lives. Myself and the wife (Rhiannon- below) became owners early in 2019, and hope to bring something new to the gym. I've recently completed my level 2 and want to do the level 3 soon!

Favourite workout - Fran

Least favourite workout - Anything longer than 10 mins

Favourite movement - Ring muscle ups

Cheat meal - Beer and cookies


Coach and Owner - CF-L1

Shw’mae! I’ve been doing crossfit at Crossfit Llanelli for 4 years. I’m originally from Llanelli ac wrth gwrs, dwi’n siarad Cymraeg!
In 2019 my husband and I became co-owners of the gym and we now coach most of the evening classes. 
Fave movements - toes to bar / dumbbell snatch, heavy clean and jerks!
Least fave movement - scary ring muscle ups (but I’m in the process of making them a strength rather than a weakness!)
Cheat food - burgers burgers burgers! I eat anything and everything.
In my spare time (!) I’m a dentist in a busy practice in Llanelli town centre. I live with my husband Andy and our crazy labrador Indi (Indiana Jones).


Coach and Owner - CF-L1, CF-L2, Crossfit Kids, BWLA L1, L3 personal Trainer, Level 4 Strength and Conditioning, Sports and Exercise Science Degree (2:1 BSC(HONS)), Adapting excercies for natal and post natal clients Level 3

Hey I’m Emma. By day I am a Full Time PE teacher and a Mam to my two beautiful girls, Elle & Brooke. I opened the doors of CFL in 2015 after hanging up my hockey stick after a long career representing Wales. I have a BSc (Hons) Degree in Sports and Exercise Science so have a passion for fitness and well-being. I take charge of our CrossFit Kids sessions on a Saturday, Team Wars and the evening classes on a Monday. I tend to train when I can - usually during my lunch hour at school or before/after I have coached my classes. I have been fortunate to qualify for regionals in 2012 but due to a tear in my bicep had to withdraw. My competitive goal is to eventually step back onto the dance floor again post shoulder op #2 to fix the ole shoulder. 

My goal for CrossFit Llanelli is to have the best facility in South West Wales that is community driven - making people move better and live longer :).

Favourite Movement - Burpees
Worst Movement - Muscle Ups
Favourite WoD - Fran
Worst WoD - Linda 
Favourite Food - Eggs
Worst Food - Kiwi ( I have an allergy to the furry balls of death)
Favourite Cheat Meal - Chinese and a Blue MOON


Coach and PT- Foundation Degree in Sports Conditioning, Rehabilitation & Massage, 
UKSCA weightlifting for Sports Performance 
World Rugby Strength & Conditioning level 1
British Weightlifting Level 1
British Athletics Sprinting level 1
Currently Studying BSc (hons) Sports Coaching & Performance 

I’m Jac I’m 23 years young, a Weightlifter, Powerlifter and basically anything that involves picking up heavy weight. 


I have a background in Strength & Conditioning in performance sports and am currently coaching at Carmarthen RFC and Wales Deaf Rugby. 


I operate as 1859 Strength & Performance and am proud to be based at CFL. 

I grew up playing rugby league and have been involved in many sports including gymnastics, swimming, hockey and track & field. 


Favourite lift: Back Squat

Worst movement: running 

Favourite workout: Farmer Carry Ladder

Favourite food: Prawn Stir Fry or scrambled eggs. 


Coach and PT - CF-L1, Personal Training L3, Fitness Instructor, BWL-L2, Concept 2 rowing coach, currently studying the Precision Nutrition post graduate course

I’m Catherine. My background is as an academic psychologist, but after getting so much from CrossFit I decided to leave that profession to help people with their health and fitness full time. 

I’m a personal trainer and coach, but I don’t have a sports background. In fact, I came to the gym to try to lose some weight (okay, a lot of weight) and live a better quality of life outside the gym! 

I understand that it can be a stressful and scary process for some and I work closely with folks who want to develop confidence and an exercise routine that they love. 

Favourite lift: I like pretty much anything with a barbell.
Worst movement: anything gymnastic.


Coach and personal trainer
Level 3 Personal Trainer
Level 3 Exercise Referral Instructor
Level 3 Sports Massage Therapist
RockDoc – Blades, tape & pods

I have been working in the fitness industry nearly 6 years and something I have been passionate about since childhood. I started to fall out of love with the industry due to working in big chain gyms and taking the same classes repeatedly. So I looked for something that I could see in my life permanently and that captivated my ethos of fitness for life. I came across CFL when I moved to Llanelli and after my first coached session with Emma I was hooked. A few years later and I am now a CF Level 1 coach taking classes at my favourite place alongside personal training physically disabled adults with the local council. I love coaching and training with CFL members and the supportive community that comes with it. I see CFL as my fitness family and the box as my second home :) 


In my spare time I love skating, walking the dog on the beach, eating all the food and drinking all the coffee.
Favourite Nocco flavour – Miami
Favourite movements – Power clean/Squat cleans, toes to bar & sit-ups.
Least favourite movements – Snatch, thrusters and wall balls.

Contact me:

Instagram: @aafithub
Contact number: 07511172656